Patent Pending Design

This patent pending product is engineered to give the driver more maneuverability —

Whether it’s a first time driver who needs a little extra assistance loading / unloading, or a seasoned driver in an environment with unforeseen variables such as a crowded dock or a windy day.

The unique concept utilizes two separate and powerfully compact motors designed to be strategically mounted on the lateral edges of the boat.

Positioning the motors in this way moves the leverage points further away from the centerline of the boat, thereby improving effectiveness of the thrust they produce. Additionally, this mounting location allows for the motors to be positioned in a clear column of water which maximizes water displacement.

The innovative housing bracketry for our thruster system is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing swim platform bracketry,

Thereby occupying less space at the back of the boat – and in turn, freeing up real estate for other products such as underwater lights and/or surf plates. The bracketry is machined from aerospace grade aluminum with a powder-coated black finish. This material ensures the brackets are lightweight, strong and durable.

The modularity of the thrusters allows for any one component to be replaced without affecting the entire system.

Additionally, built-in safety features inhibit operation if the boat is over a certain speed, if there is insufficient voltage, or if the engine is off. The efficiency of this design maximizes thruster performance by directing water flow away from other equipment on the boat’s transom. This allows for maximum water displacement with minimal interference.



Using Bernoulli’s principle and the Venturi effect we designed a purposeful tube in which to mount each motor. The Venturi tube successfully reduced water pressure through the motors and increased total water flow, resulting in a 20% boost in overall thrust capacity.

The thrusters are also modular in design. Each motor is independent of the other, with its own specific driver system operated by one central control module.

Four Primary Functions

Port Burst

Port Dock Hold

Starboard Burst

Starboard Dock Hold

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Giving drivers intuitive control at their fingertips. The Dual Stern Thruster system features our exclusive new throttle control knob design paired with two powerful compact motors that help you navigate in tight quarters, when docking and trailering, or when picking up a rider.  

The unique Dual Stern Thruster system includes two 24V thrusters located on the transom corners which provide efficient control while minimizing energy consumption. 

Utilizing the Dual Stern Thrusters is simple and intuitive. With the turn of the throttle knob you can activate the Thrusters in burst mode in either direction. The intensity of these bursts can be adjusted on the side touch screen.

The system is designed to easily maneuver the boat in tight quarters.  It allows the driver to easily adjust the boats stern position, giving you precise control and enhanced safety when maneuvering in tight spaces, retrieving a rider, or trailering.

The system’s smart feature, Dock Hold, is integrated directly into the driver’s center screen. Dock Hold assists by powering a single motor at a reduced intensity in the given direction. Holding the stern of the boat temporarily against the dock, allowing the driver to secure the bow line from inside the boat.

Now Available on All

2021 SUPRA wake & Surf Models

* Exludes Supra SR

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Now Available on All

2021 SUPRa wake & SurfModels

* Exludes Supra SR

Liquid Propulsion

Liquid Propulsion

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The concept for this product was born from the minds of three pilots who have backgrounds rooted in invention, sales, and aerospace manufacturing. By definition, the term vector is a quantity having both direction and magnitude. Vectoring as a verb is to change the direction of the thrust for steering. Using this idea as well as elements from aviation including principles of weight and balance, in conjunction with several elements from physics, creators Eric Nofsinger along with Rob & Ryan Christensen, designed the first thruster system specifically engineered for wakeboard and water ski boats with inboard motors.